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AquaMEDŽ Water Massage Bed is a proud member of the World Federation of Chiropractic

Offering the finest in beds

AquaMED Dry Water Massage Dry Hydrotherapy Aqua Beds: Clients and patients of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, physicians, spa directors, team doctors and alternative medicine providers will enjoy the benefits provided by the AquaMED-HydroMassage water massage bed, dry hydrotherapy AquaMED and HydroMassage aqua beds. Chiropractic adjustments and dry therapy sessions are more effective and relaxing for patients with the use of the aqua bed massage, such as the AM200 aqua bed massage model.  Clients float upon a cushion of air while strategically-placed water massage water jets produce the effects of water, heat therapy and hydro massage. The aqua bed massage, hydrotherapy water massage bed offers unlimited programs, allowing for full-body or isolated, customized aqua bed massage dry hydrotherapy sessions. The aqua bed massage is ideal for medical and leisure facilities. AquaMED aqua bed massage beds provide relaxation and rejuvenation for people all around the world.

Clinical Benefits of Dry Hydrotherapy AquaMED water massage/Aqua Beds 

AquaMED water massage beds attends a number of tradeshows each month where people are welcome to experience the healing benefits of AquaMED aqua beds and massage for relaxation

AquaMED is part of JTL Enterprises Inc. in Clearwater, Florida.


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