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® AM 200 FEATURE ADVANTAGES                                     

Prescribed Therapy
The AquaMED-HydroMassage® allows for the highest level of Dry Hydrotherapy treatment customization.  The heat, pressure, duration, and target area of the massage may be adjusted to meet each individuals' preference.

Water-through-Air Technology
With AquaMED-HydroMassage’s Water-through-Air technology, massage pressure remains constant from the time it leaves the jets until it reaches the user.  In contrast, many other Dry Hydrotherapy systems use Water-through-Water technology, which significantly reduces massage pressure and the overall intensity of the massage.

Pressure Intensity/ Control
The AquaMED-HydroMassage AM200 offers pressure settings ranging from 1 (low pressure) to 10 (high pressure).  No other Dry Hydrotherapy system on the market can offer this level of pressure intensity.  As a result, a cold pack may be used for patients requiring cold therapy, while still maintaining a powerful massage.


The AquaMED-HydroMassage Difference! 

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