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Choose AquaMED massage products and get unique financial benefits!

Gives You a Unique Selling Proposition; differentiates your practice from the competition and helps drive new patient referrals

“Without a doubt, I receive 10 new patient referrals per month directly from the HydroMassage [AquaMED].”

"Even patients from other chiropractic offices come to my practice just to use the bed…”

“I’m getting 10 visits per week that would not have shown up if it weren’t for the HydroMassage [AquaMED]”.

It’s the Most Efficient Way to Offer Massage;
allows you to provide massage, without the therapist... requires no additional staff.

“In fact, I moved my massage therapist to put the HydroMassage [AquaMED] in.”

"Hands down, the HydroMassage [AquaMED] is a ton better than an MT because…”

“It is the perfect employee; it doesn’t call in sick, it works its hardest everyday and it doesn’t need a vacation!”

Patients choose to continue their treatment longer;
increases patient retention

“Because my patients love the HydroMassage [AquaMED] so much, I have noticed a definite increase in patient retention...”

“..In fact, patients definitely stay with their treatment plan longer because of the HydroMassage [AquaMED]- it just makes them feel better.”

“it has definitely helped to retain our patients for a longer period of time”

Instantly Provides a New Source of Revenue;
people are willing to pay for what works

“…it brings in about $600 per day to my practice. This equates to over $150,000 in extra revenue!”

“I charge $50 cash for a 20-30 minute session on the Hydromassage [AquaMED]”

“that translates to roughly $12,000 to 13,000 thousand per month in revenue ($140K-160K per year) just from the one machine”


The AquaMED-HydroMassage Difference!

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