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AquaMED®-Hydromassage® water massage systems are engineered to combine relaxing therapies of water, heat, and massage in a fully customizable and user-friendly system.                         On Target AquaMED Dry Hydrotherapy Water Massage Beds

The Power

AquaMED®-HydroMassage® produces the most powerful form of Dry Hydrotherapy Systems on the market.  Massage Intensity ranging from 2-42PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure).

AquaMED®-HydroMassage® systems also offer the highest degree of massage customization.  Temperature, pressure, speed, and treatment area are all variables that may be adjusted for each individual patient, and a Pause button adds the capability to focus and hold treatment where desired. 

The Technology

The user friendly design is a result of countless R&D hours dedicated to creating a superior product.  AquaMED®-HydroMassage® systems allow for continuous, heavy usage while maintaining constant water temperature.  When preventative maintenance is required, AquaMED’s full time, in-house Tech Support Department is available to answer any product related questions.  Also, the electronics can be updated through software updates via e-mail to prevent functional obsolescence. 

The Success

As a result of robust demand for AquaMED® and HydroMassage® products, we have outgrown 5 locations over a 20 year history of success.  At present, a 40,000 square foot facility in Clearwater, Florida serves as the company headquarters. 



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